Using Reclaimed Wood in Interior Design

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Using Reclaimed Wood in Interior Design

By Julie Ann Segal

Do you have any features or furniture in your home made of reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is becoming very popular in design for two reasons:  1) being an environmental and sustainable choice and 2) the beauty of its patina. It’s not only used as an architectural detail, in trusses, beams, headers, trellis work or flooring, but reclaimed wood is also utilized in decorative accents such as mantles and furniture.

The oxidation process that occurs during wood’s aging process creates a patina on the surface of antique wood that is difficult to recreate with new lumber. It’ll also often have mineral streaks.

Depending upon where the wood came from, many people appreciate the history or unique wear reclaimed wood can have, which add layers of character. Surface checking, dowel, knot, and nail holes from prior use are common, offering texture in unique ways.

Lumber from old barn wood is also highly sought-after because of its low-moisture content. Unlike “green” or new lumber, it’s more stable, and doesn’t easily shrink or pull apart in construction.

As a design firm, we are noticing many more lines carrying reclaimed wood furniture. We’ve used some pieces in clients’ homes, and they add a warm, down-to-earth feel. We like to mix reclaimed wood furniture with either contemporary or traditional room designs – depending on the piece and finish, we can find a good fit to incorporate into either style. The reclaimed wood table pictured here is available from a line we carry.

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