Janis Klecker

Posted in on January 20, 2015

My father’s townhouse had unfortunate water damage – the sprinklers froze and burst – so it was destroyed inside. We had to take it down to the studs to restore the structure, and fix the electrical and plumbing. We worked with Julie Ann and the Metro Interiors team on the finishing work. Unlike the work I’ve done with Julie Ann on my own home, this project had to be done quickly. We also had to be mindful of insurance guidelines. If I had to do it myself I would have been overwhelmed. It was so nice to work with Julie Ann; she made it doable – saving me so much time and brainwork. She knew what she was doing, and I knew I could trust her. The townhouse really is beautiful now. I am more than pleased. It came together as a whole so nicely. With the colors and style, each room naturally flows to the next, and it feels comfortable and cozy.