John Sloofman

Posted in on August 17, 2021

What can I say about Julie Segal and Metro Interiors. Well, if she were an athlete, she would be a hands down first round draft pick and a shoe in to make the Hall of Fame. I have known her for 30+ years, from the time she became an Interior Designer and I finally had a home remodel project that I needed her top notch skills and expertise for.

I purchased a new home in October 2020 during The Pandemic and had a vision for the space I wanted to have for my sons and me. I did not consider for one moment interviewing a few designers. Julie and Metro Interiors was my pick to be the quarterback for the project. She has handled the entire project and EVERY detail so beautifully and taught me patience as we near the end of the remodel. The general contractor, plumbing, cabinets, furniture, artwork, painting, every detail she has coordinated perfectly and professionally.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting to remodel their home, no matter the size of the project. Big or small, she can handle it. You just relax and let her guide you. She does it so well.