Marybeth Hoelzer

Posted in on January 21, 2014

I absolutely love my new office! It says something about me and who I am. Prior to the re-design, it was a cluttered, disorganized mess that really said nothing about who I am. In fact, it was almost the opposite of what I like – having an organized space and having it designed around somewhat of a theme. I tended to use my office as a catch-all for things I didn’t know where to put or what to do with. Other than having some travel pictures up that I love, there was really nothing to it.

Now it’s well-organized, bright and seems to flow in the way it’s laid out. I love the desk and how it sits. I can either work by the window and look out at the garden and at the birds, which I love to do, or look out into the living room and be part of anything going on there. The artwork above the desk is beautiful too. It shows me that big doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

My work attitude and feeling of what the office is has definitely changed – I like to be there even when I’m not working. It doesn’t feel only like an office but is actually a relaxing place to be.

Working with Julie Ann was fabulous. I must admit that when my husband mentioned bringing someone in who does Feng Shui I was somewhat questioning as to what this really was and what it would do. But we made a definite connection when we first met. She was able to tell what I liked and wanted. And there wasn’t anything she showed me that I didn’t like – I even found some ideas that she liked better!

The whole process was great – I look forward to doing the next room!