Marybeth Hoelzer

Posted in on October 27, 2014

As with the office that Julie Ann redid, we absolutely love the new living room! It’s amazing what a change in color can do for a room. We went from dark red walls and furniture that was over-sized for the space, to what is now a much brighter room that appears to have almost doubled in size, yet actually has more furniture than before.

I like that Julie Ann was able to incorporate the artwork and light Oriental theme that we previously had and wanted to keep to some degree. We also were looking for a nice piece of art for above our fireplace, something special that could be a focus point for us. The original painting she found for us is fabulous and was within a reasonable price range, which helped immensely!

We finally feel like the space is being used appropriately and have even more room, which will make it nice come fall, as we do a lot of entertaining. Can’t wait to have people over!

Julie Ann and her team are so easy to work with and really seem to get a feel for you and what you like and dislike, unlike other decorators I’ve worked with that just seem to want to sell you what they think will look good –not what you feel will look good and be comfortable with.

I would recommend her highly.