Maureen Day

Posted in on January 10, 2022

Working on the 3rd floor’s theme (of the Nokomis Square Cooperative Art Gallery) was probably the most difficult to arrange conceptually. We spent individual time and many group meetings in an attempt to ‘cluster’ sub-themes that would reflect the general theme. Our approved budget was substantial so our deliberations took longer as we re-arranged our groupings to reflect our budget priorities. But perseverance paid off… we received more positive residents’ comments on 3rd floor art than any other completed installations.
“In a nutshell”…..WE LOVE JULIE ANN!
It quickly became obvious to the members of Design Enhancement Working Group (DEWG), during our interview with Julie Ann in 2016, that she significantly “raised the bar” over the other five (5) firms that were interviewed during this time. Aside from her impressive credentials, her immediate excitement for the project, her past experiences working with folks who reported to Boards, her infectious “Joie de vie” for art and design, and her communication style made it a “no-brainer” for us to award the contract to Metro Interiors, as she committed to work with us for the next seven or eight years.
In the following years (2016-2021) her commitment has always been steadfast. Her ability to be flexible in relation to our budgets, her patience, her laughter with/at us, her artistic guidance throughout hours of selection processes, has been, and continues to be, beyond invaluable. Julie’s generosity over these years has been a catalyst for DEWG members and Metro Interiors staff to become, professionally and personally, a bonded network.