Merriam Residence

Posted in on June 23, 2012

I’ve been an armchair student of Feng Shui for more years than I can remember. However, after having lived in my new house for over a year, there was something that was preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep. Having meet Julie Ann at a Holiday home sale, I eventually called on her for a consultation. She came to my home with a non-threatening list of what would be good to have in each room of my house. I already had many of her suggestions already in place. She did make some suggestions that gave me a better sense of peace but I was still having difficulty sleeping.

Being a good businesswoman, Julie Ann has taken the time and made the investment in creating and maintaining a website and an interesting newsletter. It was an article in her September newsletter that has changed my life. It was an article on how electromagnetic fields can disrupt your sleep. Since reading the article and making the changes recommended by the author, I am now sleeping better than I have slept for 15 years. So, in addition to being very knowledgeable in Feng Shui, Julie Ann has networked with other professionals in the field of home health which is an additional benefit for those to whom she provides her design services.

Thank you Julie Ann for being committed to your work. My life has taken a new direction that I attribute directly to the good fortune of meeting you!