Mike Lichey, KMS Management, Property Manager

Posted in on April 13, 2015

Julie Ann is wonderful to work with. She always has several options, and it’s a nice process. Recently, we worked with her on updating The Calhoun, a 1959 mid-rise apartment building. Julie Ann had helped us with the space before, with artwork and other upgrades in 2008, but with lots of new buildings in the area, we wanted to make sure it fit in and stayed just as hip and trendy. Julie Ann did a great job helping us give it a fresh look with some of that “Uptown Flair.”

With new paint, wallcoverings, and other features it just feels better. You don’t walk in thinking “something needs a change.” It feels nice and new. There’s color and pattern; we added more lighting and unique columns around the doors.

I feel more confident in showing the space, now that it’s updated.