Nancy Meyer and Matthew Foli

Posted in on November 1, 2022

I have known Julie Ann since 2018, first as a client and then as my husband, Matthew Foli, and I hired her as our Feng Shui Interior Designer in 2022. Over this time, we have also become friends. 
Julie Ann helped transform our two entryways. We picked wall coverings and paint colors to complement each other and rearranged our den and living rooms. 
What I love about working with Julie Ann:
  • She is generous in sharing her expertise. I loved brainstorming and exploring options with her.
  • She knows colors and patterns; what goes together and what doesn’t.
  • She is conscientious and uses what you have. Plus, she offers suggestions and adds ideas that can complement your other furniture—a seasoned designer who circles herself with conscientious contractors. We loved the attention to detail, and the joy of witnessing people enjoy working together. These contractors hung our wall coverings and painted the two entryways. They brought good chi to the house.
  • She is a teacher who showed us how to implement the Feng Shui Bagua to attract abundance in our home. The eight principles in the Bagua map include love and marriage, spiritual growth, creativity, fame, health, helpful people, career, and money. Our house is filled with loving kindness and balanced energies.
  • She is super organized, has clear agreements, and is on top of all the details. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of everything. Julie Ann has tracked everything and is clear about your financial investment and where the money goes.
  • A joy to work with, and any conflict that surfaced, she found a workable solution for both parties. 
  • The project went so well that we will continue working with Julie Ann as we transform our kitchen and living room.
Above all else, I highly recommend hiring Julie Ann as your Feng Shui Interior Designer!