Stephen Ocvirek, Property Manager at Calhoun Towers

Posted in on July 2, 2012

Julie gets an A++ rating from me. We had a very difficult project and I wanted to hire someone who specialized in apartment interiors. I knew Julie had worked for several of our competitors and she was recommended by some of my colleagues as well.

Our apartment hallways have low ceilings and are very short. The old design looked very antiquated, lacking color, giving it a very washed out effect.

Julie did a fantastic job by changing the entire character of the halls. The wallpaper was replaced with a pattern that looked very rich and elegant. This added depth to the walls and made you feel like you were in a luxury apartment building as opposed to a budget priced building as the old wallpaper reflected.

She also changed the color of the apartment doors from a plain white to a darker green which accented the doors. This really helped the apartment doors to stand out and introduce color to the halls. Julie also picked out some very contemporary artwork for each floors’ lobby along with a sitting bench. The carpet that Julie picked out was a very complementary design to the wallpaper and doors.

She worked with us and kept within our budget. Through some of her purchasing connections, we saved several thousand off the price of the project.