Winning Condo Hallway Redesign Concept

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Condominium Hallway Redesign


By Julie Ann Segal

Remember this hallway “Before” photo we shared on Facebook back in July? Drab, worn, dated – uninspiring?

It’s in a large condominium complex in Edina. We created three material boards with different design concepts to revitalize transitional spaces – hallways and common areas – throughout the complex. (Important areas, not to be overlooked for good design!)

And guess what? Amongst the boards we created, and those other designers submitted, one of ours won!

Hallway Redesign


The winner is…Board A!

This material board shows one of our design concepts for transforming and revitalizing the hallways/common areas in the condominium complex.

It was chosen over designs we and some other designers put together to present to the condo’s association board.

Our intention was to create a soothing, clean, “feel-good” experience for them. We think the natural colors and textures work well where we’ve conceptualized placing them. We are thrilled they liked it!

Do you? Share your thoughts…

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