What We’re Working On: Apartment Complex Party Room

Posted in Commercial Design, Flooring, Furniture, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Lighting, Uncategorized on September 13, 2012

Party Room CarpetBy Julie Ann Segal

Remember this photo we shared in August, of the carpet we’d selected for an apartment party room design?

Things have been moving along nicely on this project; we still have a few fabrics and finishes to choose, but we’re close to final…


Party Room Floor PlanWhat you see pictured here is the floor plan we chose for the room, out of several possibilities.

This we created in AutoCAD (a Computer Aided Design program). We usually do several layouts before choosing a final. As mentioned in the earlier post, we relocated the party room to where offices had previously been, which will make for a better space for entertaining. In the photo, you can see the room’s layout, and how we’ve incorporated furniture, lighting, a bar, and fireplace with TV above it.

What do you think? We’re definitely excited about the project, and will share a photo after it all comes together!

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