Creating Harmony at Home

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By Julie Ann Segal

It’s important to pay special attention to how we design and maintain our homes, so that they serve us, and our families, well. We want to cultivate a sense of harmony at home.

The outside world can at times seem anything but harmonious, even chaotic. It can zap our energy and leave us drained. We need a place for retreat and restoration. Our homes can and should serve us in such a way.

Our homes, the closest energy to us, are a mirror for our inner world. If they feel chaotic, we have no chance of finding a sense of harmony, or of restoring ourselves from the hectic pace of our days. They should be calming, instead, and instantly shift our mood once we set foot in the door.

One way our homes may breed chaotic energy is through clutter. Too many things means too many things visually distracting us, vying for our attention.  Decluttering things, and careful editing of décor, artwork, and furniture are key.

Once your space has been decluttered, you can look at adding special touches in certain areas, with the intention of creating a calming, nurturing space. This can be achieved in numerous ways, such as incorporating softer features like candlelight, soothing colors, indulgent fabrics and rugs, maybe even a water feature or relaxing music. Executing design changes in a balanced way is also important – you don’t want the energy to seem “off” (uncomfortable) or “too much” (overwhelming).

How will you make efforts to create restorative space in your home? What design features have you already incorporated that make it a calming retreat, a place that serves you well?

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