Using Feng Shui to Improve Your Life: What Your Thoughts Have to Do With It

Posted in Feng Shui, Lifestyle, Uncategorized on December 11, 2012

By Julie Ann Segal

Applying Feng Shui principles to your space–to improve your life–doesn’t happen simply by selecting design features with the right color, texture or shape.

And it’s not just about placing items in such a way that they harmonize the energy for increased happiness and prosperity. A key factor in making Feng Shui work to your advantage is that your own personal chi (life force energy) follows suit.

In doing Feng Shui, it’s important for your personal chi to be positive, or lifted. Feeling down, drained or stuck will not help to deliver your desired results. One way many people get tripped up in practicing Feng Shui, and therefore may not see the results they desire, is by being unaware of their thoughts.

Thoughts are things, and when your thoughts are in alignment with your Feng Shui intention, you have a match made in heaven. Besides making physical changes to your space, your thoughts also work to support you in creating what you desire.

When you have a thought or inspiration for something you want in your life–a partner, more money, time with family, or a new job, for instance–Feng Shui can be the tool that helps you to make it come alive and real for you. But realizing your patterns of thought, and how words can become reality is essential. You must keep your personal chi, and your thoughts positive. That will help move you in the right direction.

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