New Space, New Art

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By Julie Ann Segal

The Baumann’s, a beautiful couple we have been working with, just added the piece of art pictured here to their upper-level apartment overlooking Lake Calhoun.

Shari and Tom have been so fun to work with. This piece, “Interweave” by Cynthia Starkweather-Nelson, is one of the final pieces to complete the collection of art we’ve been assembling to decorate their home.

It looks magnificent, and they love it. It was something they fell in love with right away, but didn’t immediately purchase. They couldn’t forget it, though, so they decided to go for it, and we had it reframed to harmonize with their décor. Now that they have it hung, they say they have no doubt they made the right decision. It’s one of ten pieces we’ve found for them, that are really making the apartment design come together. Watch for photos of the space to come soon!

Do you have one or more pieces of art that you’ve seen, keep thinking about, but haven’t purchased for yourself yet? If it’s something you’re drawn to it’s probably meant-to-be.

If you’re not sure exactly what type of art you’re drawn to, or where to find good art to decorate your home or office space, contact us – we can help you find something that’s right for you. Call 952.920.2827 or email

Like artist Cynthia Starkweather-Nelson’s work? Contact us – we’ll coordinate a showing for you.

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