Art Review by Julie Ann: Gary Borse’s Wekiva Chief

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By Julie Ann Segal

(Originally published in Exploring TOSCA Magazine)

Wekiva-ChiefI was attracted to “Wekiva Chief” because its bold colors command attention. After speaking with artist Gary Borse and learning his creative intentions, the piece was even more striking.

Borse paints large with detail and color so the viewer can feel what the painting evokes, feel as if living in it. “I think of myself as an electric painter. I take what I see and feel in real life, and then plug my brush into my palette and turn the color ‘volume’ to 11.” In this piece, he wants people to feel the sunlight and warmth of the place of inspiration.

“Wekiva Chief” was conceptualized in a boat on the Wekiva River in Orlando, FL, with Borse carefully watching for alligators. This wild area, surprisingly close to Walt Disney World, is one that Borse feels passionate about protecting. Through art, he aims to raise awareness of nature preserves’ beauty.

He painted with focus on creating order in its composition. When you view a painting like this, it “feels” balanced, which is the type of art you want to bring into your home to enhance its feng shui. The palm leaves are fanned out in an exaggerated way to resemble a Native American headdress (a symbol for protection of wildlife); this and heightening the colors makes the piece magical and lively. His technique is successful in conveying these feelings, which is the goal of incorporating good art in your space – to have pieces that make you feel deeply and feel good.

Julie Ann Segal, president of Metro Interiors, regularly reviews art for Exploring TOSCA Magazine. Being passionate about art, she wholeheartedly believes in the difference it makes in our lives – adding richness, allowing us to express ourselves and enhance our home’s Feng Shui.

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