Art Appreciation at Any Age

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By Julie Ann Segal

I talk a lot about how the art you have in your home can change your life. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when my son Josh selected an original piece of art for his 10th birthday present! Typical at his age, he loves electronics and the latest technology, but when he spotted a piece of art he liked, he got excited and decided that’s what he wanted.

The piece is titled “Animals Playing” by local artist David Wells, and was showcased at the St. Paul Art Crawl. Wells holds a PhD in Chemistry and Biology, and works as a “scientist by day”, “artist by night”.

I’ve become familiar with Wells’ work over time, and what strikes me is how the images in his pieces seem to appear as if by magic.

He works with ink and acrylic very intuitively, and the way the materials and color come together forms images. His pieces have a spiritual quality that anyone would be drawn to.

While I was surprised in Josh’s choice of birthday gift, I am a firm believer that art can (and should) be appreciated at any age.

If you’re interested in seeing more of David Wells’ art, contact me by email at or call 952.920.2827 and I can coordinate a showing for you.

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