Before and After Framed Art at the Spa House in Laguna Beach

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By Julie Ann Segal

At my most recent trip do some design work at the Spa House in Laguna Beach, CA, I had a custom frame made for this piece of art. (Read our earlier post about the framer, Randy Higbee, and my tour of his shop here.)


AFTER – Closeup

The custom frame I chose is especially for canvas pieces, a “floater” frame. While not too elaborate, it defines the piece, and definitely makes it pop more in the room. Floater frames like this, and the multitude of framing options in different finishes which we have access to, can highlight your art so it makes the impression it deserves.

Do you have any art pieces in need of a frame – or rooms in need of art? Contact Julie Ann at 952.920.2827, or email

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