Interview with Laguna Beach Artist Dedre Sines

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By Julie Ann Segal

Laguna Beach Artist Dedre Sines with "Clearing Winds"

Laguna Beach, California has a sizeable artists’ community. On a recent working trip there, I was fortunate to be able to interview one of the many, talented fine artist Dedre Sines

JS:  How did you get started as an artist?

DS:  When I was a little girl, around five or six I started sketching. I designed and sewed doll clothes. I’ve always loved design and art. Nature inspired me.

JS:  How would you describe your art?

DS:  Colorful. Also, I create depth and movement. I want the viewer to walk into the painting.

JS:  What inspires you to create art?

DS:  Nature, mostly. I believe my ability to create art is my gift in life, it’s my contribution to this earth. I paint scenes for people to remember places they’ve traveled to.

JS:  Can you describe the feel of your art?

DS:  Happy, breezy, exciting, inspiring, sometimes serious. I paint loose so it leaves something to the imagination. A painting looks different to each person who looks at it.

JS:  What would you like people to know about your art – does it have a meaning or message you want to share?

DS:  I want to share the places I’ve been in the world, and share an experience. One thing I enjoy painting is bartenders and restaurant scenes, because people can relate. People can imagine places they’ve been, because the painting looks similar. It brings back memories.

JS:  What kind of art do you have in your own home?

DS:  Plein Air landscapes – Plein Air is French for open air, paintings created outdoors where the light is better.

JS:  Do you think the art in your home changes the space?

DS:  Absolutely – a house without artwork is empty. Art adds color, life and energy. I love looking at my art. When you wake up in the morning or enter the house, you have something to look at. It affects your mood.

JS:  Do you display art in certain places for a reason?

DS:  In the bedroom I hung a painting of mine of La Jolla. I go there frequently, and love it. I want it to be the first thing I see when I wake up (besides my husband, George). It makes me happy, and sets my mood for the day.

JS:  What would your advice be to a first-time collector?

DS:  I have a lot of first-time collectors buy my art; it’s reasonably priced. I’d tell them you don’t have to buy from a famous artist to enjoy art – buy what you love.

Carmel Rocks

Key Hole Rock

Sexy Eucalyptus

Pelican Hill











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