Working With an Interior Designer: 3 Common Misconceptions

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By Julie Ann Segal

When the time comes to update a few things around the house – light fixtures, furniture, paint colors for example, or to redecorate entire rooms, many people start off on the DIY, or Do-It-Yourself route.

Working with an Interior Designer on their project might not be something they consider right away because of the following common misconceptions.

But truly, DIY is not for everyone. Below, I’ll give you the facts, gleaned from my over 25 years as an Interior Designer, and show you how hiring a designer can actually be easier on you and your wallet.

Misconception #1:  This project won’t take that long.
Fact:  Most projects take longer than you think, especially if they’re not something you have experience with. This is even more true when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Pretty soon your entire Saturday is eaten up by running around town comparing products and pricing. And you’re exhausted.

With your vision in mind, Interior Designers can find what you are looking for much quicker, because of their knowledge and readily-available resources. If you want to save your evenings, weekends and vacation time for much needed R & R, delegate the search and the legwork to the pro’s.

Misconception #2:  It won’t be that hard.
Fact:  Most projects are more work than you think. And when it’s something new to you, frustration and stress can escalate with each challenge. Also, if your project involves multiple design details, phases or steps – or hiring outside labor, there is a lot of coordination involved.

Besides coordinating different aspects of the design, Interior Designers are experienced project managers. They are seasoned at planning, calculating timing, hiring contractors and keeping tabs on progress. The details of this “behind the scenes” work is often not known to the client, but they do take notice that the process has gone smoothly, and are excited to see in the end result how everything comes together beautifully.

Misconception #3:  Hiring an Interior Designer is too expensive.
Fact:  It may cost less than you think. When tackling design projects themselves, many people find they get way off track with their spending, and find at the end of the project that it’s cost them double what they thought it would. Any Interior Designer is skilled at working within a budget and giving clients options at different price points, so you can stay on track and feel comfortable along the way.

Hiring an Interior Designer can save you from making costly mistakes too. With a skilled design eye, a Designer will help you make choices you can feel good about, so you’re not paying shipping charges and return delivery fees for something you don’t end up liking, or having to re-paint for a color that’s all wrong.

Choosing to work with an Interior Designer can save you time, be less stressful and cost less than you may imagine. For you, hiring a pro could be the best thing – so you end up with a room that’s beautiful, and just what you envisioned, without too much trouble.

How about you – have you worked with a designer in the past? Tell us about your experience below.

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