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By Julie Ann Segal

nonameBefore, my client Mary Beth’s home office windows had metal mini-blinds. Their harshness did nothing to soften the room, like she wanted. For the redesign (read the full story here), we removed the mini-blinds, and covered the two windows with Horizons Shades of Elegance™ window coverings.

Mary Beth wanted a wood look. We chose these to achieve that look, but with a soft material. They’re clean-looking, which makes the office feel spacious, although they still have a warmth to make it comfortable.

Julie Ann and Window Treatment

Besides loving the look, Mary Beth loves the convenience that comes with these shades. Now a standard feature, the patented Cordless ONE Controls™ lower and raise the blinds easily. And nothing hangs in the way of the great view out the window, or clutters up the office’s neat look. They were mounted outside the window, too, so they can cover the window and frame, if desired. Mounting them this way also works to soften the look of the room.

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