Meet the Artist – Inside the Blue & White Art Gallery with Israeli Artist Udi Merioz

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By Julie Ann Segal

Artist Udi Merioz and me at the Blue & White Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

Artist Udi Merioz and me at the Blue & White Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

On my recent trip to Jerusalem, it was a true pleasure to meet artist Udi Merioz at his Blue & White Art Gallery. In speaking with him, and getting the inside story on his career as a gallery owner, artist, and curator to the Israeli Prime Minister, I found that even worlds apart, we have a lot in common when it comes to the meaning of art.

When his father, an artist himself, founded the gallery, Udi was nine years old. The first Jewish person to settle in the old city of Jerusalem after the 6-Day War, his father originally set it up as a museum so people could see the remains of the Old Jewish Quarter. Udi says doing this was like “putting a flag of Jewish presence here.” He wanted to “live here and create art.” It later evolved into an art gallery, showcasing an array of artists and styles, including Udi’s own works.

What came naturally to Udi as a child, “Everyone around me was doing it,” he tells me, eventually led to him creating works of art with layers of rich history and meaning. Some of his pieces are in the Prime Minister’s permanent collection. Running the gallery, which is now the largest exporter of artwork from Israel, he continues the heritage of what his father started.

Udi believes that art is important because it brings up the question, “How do we see ourselves?” I can’t agree more, as a firm believer that the art you have in your home should represent who you are, and who you want to become.

I shared with Udi that doing interior design and feng shui, I’m often working with clients to make sure what they have hanging on their walls suits them. The meaning of the piece, and how it makes them feel need to be in alignment with the soul.

“I agree,” remarks Udi, “Art can bring out a particular feeling. It can create the right atmosphere.” Creating the right atmosphere is so important – but it has to be right for each person, individually. “Yes,” says Udi, “This is your mirror. Your walls are like a mirror to your soul.”

Meeting Udi was a privilege. For the opportunity to see his work, hear about the history of his gallery, and talk with him about the meaning of art, I am so grateful.

How does the art you have in your home make you feel? How does it add to the atmosphere you’re trying to create? Does it honor your past, but also lead you to the future you desire? As testament from a wise man, your art should reflect who you are, in your soul.

See Udi’s art in the Virtual Art Gallery

If you’re interested in purchasing Udi’s art, or hearing more about the pieces available at the Blue & White Art Gallery, please contact me by calling 952.920.2827 or emailing

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