Virtual Art Gallery Featured Artist: Bonnie Cutts

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Bonnie Cutts

Bonnie Cutts

Bonnie Cutts believes the process of painting is as important as the finished artwork; what is not visible is as important as what is seen. The images are reflections of distinct periods of the creative journey that is her life.

Loaded with rich, emotive colors and visceral surfaces, they are an invitation for the viewer to take a deep look past the exterior—and in a process mirroring self-reflection, meditate on the myriad layers below. Bonnie references the natural world around her; drawing and painting trees, floral images, and other objects of her environment on the abstract textural surfaces.

For the past few years, Bonnie has also painted in response to digital, microscopic images of brain cells. Much of the early paintings drew inspiration from images of hippocampal neurons, the brain cells thought to be the seat of memory. As this body of work has grown, however, so has the degree of abstraction. The reliance on microscopic images has begun to fade.

"Busting Out", art by Bonnie Cutts

“Busting Out”, art by Bonnie Cutts

“Art is a very important component to a work, living or healing environment. Art can be contemplative, add serenity and beauty, and be intellectually challenging. It may heighten one’s awareness and awakens one’s sensibilities.”
– Bonnie Cutts

Bonnie has shown her work professionally in both solo and group exhibits over the past 30 years, and her work resides in numerous private and corporate collections around the country. She finds a true sense of discovery in it, and is always interested in the next place or thing to see, the next move to make, and the next image to paint.

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