Virtual Art Gallery Featured Artist: Carole Hyder

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Carole Hyder

Carole Hyder

As a Feng Shui expert, teacher, international speaker since 1992, Carole Hyder has been adamant about designing and creating balance in residential and corporate spaces.

Understanding the results of being in an environment where harmony has informed physical expression, Carole has taken this concept into her painting. Placement, balance and color are key components that she brings into the make-up of her artwork.

Bashful Brilliance

“Bashful Brilliance” by Carole Hyder

Prior to Feng Shui, Carole explored her own artistic articulation through the medium of print-making. Using blocks of color to elicit a final message, she familiarized herself with the concepts of undertones, transparencies, and textures, pushing the parameters of what screen-printing ink could do.

In her current work as a painter, she pulls in her skilled design eye as well as her experience as a print-maker to create artwork that is textural and colorful. As a result of her studies with Dominique Boisjolie, Carole has been able to mix past and present data into a new and exciting expression.


“Artwork has the potential of opening the eyes and the hearts of those who look upon it, providing them inspiration and fearlessness. If the style, color, texture and/or overall message is aligned with the viewer, artwork can move them to a place where all things are possible. If a viewer is not changed by their artwork, then they have merely surrounded themselves with meaningless notions.”
– Carole Hyder

Learn more about Carole at, and see more of her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

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