Before & After: Warm & Functional Family Room

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Living Room - Lisa BeforeWith a 3-year old and newborn baby, this busy young family hadn’t yet gotten to making their family room an ideal, usable space. A dull color palate and hand-me-down furniture didn’t make it feel very warm, or function as they’d like.

We helped to make the project less overwhelming for the couple. With new furniture, art, and accessories, the room has changed the way they can enjoy the space as a family.

Thoughtful furniture selections, adding depth and contrast with fabrics and careful color selections–turquoise, yellows and brick orange–all make the space more inviting.

Family Room - Lisa

After 3 After 1 After 2

We also took care in helping them select pieces that hold meaning, for example tying in elements that appeal to their career passions and love of nature.

The end result has changed the way they function as a family–they now have a space to gather and enjoy time together.

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