Feng Shui & Art: Placing Art with Intention

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By Julie Ann Segal

We place art in our spaces for many different reasons – because it’s beautiful, inspirational, or because it makes a statement about who we are or what we believe in. With Feng Shui, the placement of art can go one step further, and actually support our intentions – to create a sense of harmony, attract more wealth, support us in our careers, or enhance a relationship, for example.

When I first moved into my apartment after getting divorced, I needed to use Feng Shui to boost my energy. I was starting a new life. I left with no furniture, and only my favorite art and accessories. Low on resources, and recovering emotionally, I knew art would inspire me in work and to be happy.

Blossoming Flowers artHanging this brightly-colored piece of blooming flowers was one of the first things I did. I placed it in my Wealth area. It has a lot of good energy and movement, which is just what I needed in my own life.

Not long after, I started to feel uplifted – emotionally and financially. In just a short time, my business grew significantly, and I began to feel joy again.

Changes like these are what I have seen many times as a Feng Shui practitioner, in my own life and with my clients. With Feng Shui, you have the power to create your own life experience according to your intentions.


Looking to boost your Wealth energy?
Based on the Feng Shui bagua (or life map), the Wealth area is located in the back left corner of your home. First, make sure to fix anything that’s broken and clear any clutter. Then try adding art with one of the following:

  • Color: something purple
  • Element: flowing water
  • Energy: something that feels vibrant

Remember – Feng Shui works in metaphors. What will you change in your space, to change your life?

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