Top 5 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Space

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The power of Feng Shui…

What can it do for you?

Are you looking for a change? Feng Shui improves the flow of positive energy in your home or workplace, which can have a profoundly positive impact on your life.



My Top 5 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Space:

  1. Clear your clutter – it can drain you of energy, keep you stuck in the past, and make you feel uncomfortable
  2. Design the interior of your space to have a flow, just as you would find in nature
  3. Balance the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) creatively with shapes, color, pattern and natural materials
  4. Utilize the Feng Shui Bagua’s 9 areas to make corresponding changes in your life: Wealth, Fame, Marriage/Partnership, Family, Health, Children, Knowledge, Career, and Helpful People
  5. Make sure the design elements of your space reflect who YOU are, and who you aspire to be

By changing certain elements of your home or office design, or placing certain objects into your space with intention, the energy shifts to improve your life. You create a space that supports you.

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