Feng Shui Definition – What is Good Energy?

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Bedroom-1-flower-vaseAs a Feng Shui consultant, I’m often asked what it means to have “good energy” in a home. Or, “What should I do to create good energy in my office?”

The International Feng Shui Guild, which I’m a member of, has some helpful Feng Shui definitions in its glossary. Its definition of “energy” is below.

The way I define energy, in simple terms, is how your space feels. If you have clutter, haven’t paid too much attention to the design or how things are arranged, it may not feel good to you. Even if you have nice things – attractive furniture, or a sophisticated design, it STILL may not feel good to you – something might be “off.”

Having “good” energy in your space brings your energy up – it helps you live your life in a more positive way, and feel energized and motivated. A basic Feng Shui principle is that your space reflects your life.

If the energy in your space is supportive for you, it will enhance your well being. If not, it could bring your energy down (make you feel bad) and maybe even be harmful.

Since we’re all unique as people, what we find supportive might be different. However, what makes us feel healthy, happy and alive is generally what has good energy for us.

Here are 3 recommendations I often give, to create “good energy”:

  1. Allow for flow/movement in your space (prevent stagnant/blocking energy)
  2. Surround yourself with what you love so it resonates with your vibration (doesn’t feel “off”)
  3. Bring elements of nature into your design (flowing water, live plants, etc)

Paying attention to these fundamentals can be an excellent start in cultivating the chi, or energy in your space, so it not only looks good, but feels good too. And when you feel good in your space, it’s working to support you in your life.

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“ENERGY” is the term that refers to all forms of qi/chi, universal life force that exists everywhere. It is the movement of life force within our living space or body, which can affect our well being either auspiciously or inauspiciously.

Feng Shui concerns itself with the movement and containment of energy to create the most beneficial support for a person in their environment. The quality of energy is determined by its flow and the frequency of its vibration. By raising that frequency we improve its quality and beneficial influence.
Also called Chi, Qi, Ki (Japanese)
– From the International Feng Shui Guild’s Feng Shui Glossary

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