Featured Art Gallery Artist: Jodi Reeb

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jodi-reeb-in-studioJodi Reeb’s work oscillates between painting and sculpture. She uses solid substrates made of wood and circular acrylic panels using encaustic (beeswax) and acrylic paint as well as metallic paints that transform or react when combined. As part of her art-making process, combinations are discovered, explored, proposed, rejected and accepted. Components are moved around in varying compositions.

Some paintings are created to be part of a series and some are partnered through discovery. Through this approach, Jodi discovers relationships between the elements creating rhythms, patterns and visual textures that are nature-based as well as abstract.

With Jodi’s creative process, spontaneous connections are valued as highly as planned compositions. While creating, she changes texture and color by painting diverse surfaces with unusual materials such as beeswax and metallic paints that patina when they interact and create something new.

Patina Horizon by Jodi Reeb

Patina Horizon by Jodi Reeb

She begins with a layer of paint or a structure, and from that point on, it becomes about process; making marks and textures, applying materials, responding to each action with a reaction. As each work evolves, it gains an identity that eventually solves itself through process, positive and negative space and dimension.


jodi-reeb-2My creative exploration is about interacting with the viewer’s space. The finished paintings emulate connections as possibilities for those who experience the art through observation and contemplation.
– Jodi Reeb

Jodi is a Minneapolis-based Mixed-Media Painter, and offers Encaustic Workshops. View her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

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