Feng Shui Tips to Romance Your Space

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By Julie Ann Segal

In the mood for love?

Does your space feel the same way? If not – if it feels cluttered, drab, uninspired – the furthest thing from romantic – it’s time for some “Fun” Shui changes to bring you more of what you want…(love, sweet love!).

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to what we’re projecting, but both thoughts and things have energy that will bounce right back to us. Since we can get distracted by life’s busyness, demands, clutter, even thought patterns, it helps to:

  1. Pause. Reflect on what we truly want
  2. Determine our intentions
  3. Have some fun incorporating them into our environments

To create a space in your home that supports romance, whether that be finding a partner or reconnecting with the one you’ve got, adjust the Feng Shui with these simple tips:

Set the Stage in the Bedroom

  • Remove things that aren’t romantic (clutter, electronics, kids’ things)
  • Dress the bed with sensual fabrics in serene colors and patterns
  • Make statements with pairs – art, sculpture, equally scaled nightstands & lamps

Be the Bliss

  • Let go of furniture/décor that reminds you of past partners, or brings up negative feelings
  • Enjoy your space: in candlelight, with a bubble bath, listening to soothing music
  • Write a love letter to your partner or future one, and put it in a special decorative box

Keep it Up

  • Put systems in place so clutter doesn’t take over and stifle your love life
  • Install reminders to bring what you want back into awareness (artwork/decorative objects symbolic of partnership, affirmations)
  • Take time to regularly reassess your environment, and make new changes that mirror your desires

Creating a space for love to dwell doesn’t have to be too difficult. It just needs our attention!

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