Featured Art Gallery Artist: Kathleen Krishnan

Posted in Art, Featured Artists, Home Design, Residential Design on February 17, 2017

Artist Kathleen Krishnan says that when it comes to art, she wants one thing only – to play with paint. She delights in discovering all the surprising ways it allows her to express a lifetime of observation of things she considers charmingly beautiful.

Self-described as an “intuitive representationalist oil painter,” her work depicts fields and flowers. Using oils, she loves to create space, flow and energy on a canvas. Happy to use references right in front of her, she captures moments of striking beauty in nature, as well as a plethora of nature’s impressions imprinted upon her brain.

“Hidden Beach” by Kathleen Krishan

“Your home is your sanctuary. Let it be beautiful.”
– Kathleen Krishnan




Kathleen has Select Solo Exhibitions in locations around the Twin Cities, such as Thrivent Financial, Women’s Club of Minneapolis, Hopkins Center for the Arts, and the Bloomington Theater and Art Center.

In addition, her collections can be found in galleries, as well as Health Partners, Regions Hospital, Saint Mary’s University and others.

Kathleen’s Art, Installed in a Home

View Kathleen’s work in the Virtual Art Gallery

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