On Solid Ground with New Flooring

Posted in Feng Shui, Flooring, Home Design, Interior Design on March 17, 2017

Our long-time client Janis Klecker (we first did her main floor redesign in 2008) contacted us about replacing her existing ceramic tile floor, which was cracking in many places. While discussing it, she had a Feng Shui “ah ha” moment, realizing what an impact her cracked flooring was having on her life. It was a metaphor for her not having a solid foundation underneath her.

It was important for her and her family to have it replaced, to feel grounded and stable. We not only corrected the issue, but we added beauty, durability and a solid foundation for her family with new maple flooring.

We chose a wide plank floor with an oil-rubbed matte finish. It’s less maintenance over time, and any scratches are less visible. If they do occur they can be buffed out easily. The product is eco-friendly, being harvested locally, in Wisconsin. Suited for this climate, it performs better than some exotic species.

“This was a really nice change, and was installed with minimal hassle. It really warmed up our home, making it more inviting.”

-Janis Klecker

See more photos of the Kleckers, including the redesign we did nearly 10 years ago, which as stood the test of time.



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