Creating an Art Gallery – Nokomis Square

Posted in Art, Featured Artists, Interior Design, Residential Design on October 12, 2017

Curation & Installation:
Nokomis Square Senior Living Community

What a fun project this was! We were hired by the Nokomis Square Design Enhancements Committee to create an art gallery in their residential hallways. It turned out to be a great fit.

Nokomis Square Cooperative, managed by Omega Property Management, offers apartment-style living to seniors in Minneapolis.

Julie Ann and Design Enhancements Committee Chair, Maureen Day. Pictured next to “Doorway Pasacaglia,” a piece by James Griffin that adds fun energy and life to the common area, placed across from the beauty shop and exercise room.

Amy Lewis, Julie Ann Segal and Margie Kampf, the Metro Interiors team on this project.

As Interior Designers and Art Consultants, we shared input and insight as we collaborated with the committee on artwork selection and placement of 17 groupings of art.

We also oversaw the installation, made sure the artwork was security mounted, and added professional tags with artist, name and medium.

The pieces are a combination of some originals, and budget-conscious prints, limited-edition prints, and giclĂ©e’s. In addition, there are some oils done by studio artists – also an economical choice, but still hand-painted so no two are exactly alike. A few art pieces of theirs were also worked into the mix.

“Water Lilies” by Dan Mackerman is a giclee print that fits right in, with Lake Nokomis just down the street.

A lot of intention was put behind choosing the pieces and deciding where to place them, based on color, theme, and look.

The result is an experience for the residents, one that enhances vibrancy, conjures nostalgia, and offers grounding in a sense of place.


Colorful pieces add pops of color and life to residential hallways.

Amy Lewis, who was part of the Metro Interiors team on this project, has a background as an Art Consultant and Fashion Designer. She’ll continue on our team on an as-needed basis.

With this vibrant ferris wheel piece (printed on glass) we positioned it at the “top” of the hall.

This framed piece hearkens back to the days of old at Lake Nokomis.

We enlarged these Minneapolis Lakes photos and had the grouping printed on stretched canvas.

This Minneapolis Scene is a big conversation piece – the original, by Virtual Art Gallery artist Kristi Abbott, is a mixed media collage. Even this print looks 3D. It was hung down the hallway you see as you enter the lobby. As a fun bonus, we enlarged a map and placed it next to the piece, with locations detailed on it so residents can find familiar places and reminisce about different parts of the city.

This large piece by artist Dan Mackerman (who happens to also be Julie Ann and Margie’s art instructor) has a presence, and brings the peacefulness of nature inside. It’s a depiction of the Temperance River north of Duluth, Minnesota.

Another piece with a peaceful nature vibe, this work also offers a connection to Minnesota and its lakes.

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