Featured Art Gallery Artist: Leon Zobel

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A native Minnesotan, Leon Zobel says his soul is from Hawaii, and resonates more with the tropics and the oceans. He’s drawn since he was a young child, and painted for over 30 years, admittedly becoming less and less structured.

“My art is abstract design, very bold texture, endless depth and expressive. To me, it is very spiritual.” He says that art has allowed him to express thoughts freely, without trying to do what someone else may expect, or judge right or wrong.

Leon exhibits twice annually at his private studio and gallery in Edina, and shows his art by appointment. He generally paints with acrylics and a palette knife, and he’ll often use genuine gold and silver leaf, and copper foils.

Common interpretations in Leon’s art are water, sailing and marinas; forests, evergreen trees and abstract florals; architecture and music. The colors tend towards greens, blues, reds, purples, black, whites and metallics.

“My works are an abstract expression of my dreams, my reality,” he describes, “A communication from light, energy and thought…to create a contentment in life and a desire to live.”

In 2009, Leon was voted Artist of the Year by Twin Cities TOSCA. “This was a life changing realization for me. It really gave meaning to my life.”

Leon now resides and paints in Sarasota, Florida.

“Journeys” by Leon Zobel

Art fills a space with emotion and life. To walk into a room with no art, it seems empty. With art, it seems alive. Art can open your mind to see far beyond daily life; it gives a dimension beyond just survival.

– Leon Zobel

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