Featured Art Gallery Artist: Kristi Abbott

Posted in Art, Color, Featured Artists, Interior Design, Wall Coverings on February 9, 2018

Hidden gems abound in Minnesota collage artist Kristi Abbott’s detailed pieces. Her art is like a treasure hunt: intricately laid pieces of textured paper create a tapestry of pop culture details come to life. One of her pieces titled “Minneapolis Skyline” is filled with hidden and not-so-hidden iconic images of her beloved city. “I love to be a storyteller in my work,” Abbott says.


Originally from Sydney, Australia, she moved here five years ago to pursue a career in art. Living in an artist cooperative gave her the encouragement she needed to hone her collage skills. Now she is surrounded with plenty of support from her family, too: her parents live here six months out of the year (her dad is originally from St. Paul) and her sister and aunt (who helps with her art business) moved here recently.

“Minneapolis Skyline”

Normally her process entails working solo, but her latest series called “7 Women Warriors” is a huge collaboration with models, a photographer, a textile artist, a muralist, a tattoo artist, and a makeup artist. Her vision is to feature a strong, empowered woman from each continent.

Abbott enjoys the reaction her pieces elicit in person. “They always say ‘oh my gosh, that’s paper?’”

View Kristi’s art in our Virtual Art Gallery, where it is also available for purchase.

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