Maximalism: How to Achieve it the Minimalist Way

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2018

Maximalism: How to Achieve it the Minimalist Way

Have you heard about the latest design trend called Maximalism? It is the opposite of minimalism: bold colors and mix-and-match patterns; the more the better, with the notion that you can’t go wrong. The problem is – you can. While this idea may be appealing to people who like a bold space, it can be challenging to get it right without going overboard.

Minimalism teaches us to keep things simple. When considering your space, think about the items that you love and use. You can incorporate those cherished items into a space that offers some color and pattern, and then get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

Hiring an interior designer will help keep things from getting cluttered and overwhelming. With the right designer, you can keep the space simple while still using things like art, prints, or interesting rugs and curtains to accent the space.

At Metro Interiors, we tie in Feng Shui design concepts to make sure your space reflects the life you desire. We try to create harmony between you and your environment. Most people probably don’t want a chaotic, messy life, so why do that to your space? Below you will see photos from spaces we designed, each outlining a more minimalist design concept. Instead of a jumble of things that can look disorganized, we use beautiful furnishings and accents to bring in your personality.

If you are looking for ideas to get the maximum from a minimally designed space, contact us for a consultation.

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