Featured Art Gallery Artist: Paige Dansinger

Posted in Art, Color, Featured Artists on June 6, 2018

Featured Art Gallery Artist: Paige Dansinger

Paige Dansinger isn’t your typical artist. Her latest work involves projecting drawings of flowers onto the ceiling of the Minneapolis Central Library as part of the Northern Spark Art Festival this weekend. The unusual part is that the flowers are created in Virtual Reality (VR) and inspired by 16th to 20th-century botanical artists. “I am excited about it because it engages many people in the community who have been involved in contributing to the work and represents the urban edible plants indigenous to our area in Minneapolis,” she said.

Encouraged by her parents at a young age, Paige has forged her own creative path through the Minnesota art community. She is thankful for being exposed to museums and many local creative programs early on.

In her work, she likes to use creative technology, VR, and participatory experiences for place-making in communities. It is evident that she embraces technology – she even designed an iPad prototype called DrawArt. As part of her art career, she is also the Founding Director of Better World Museum, is the 2017 MN Pioneer Woman in Tech, is an Artist in Residence at the Minneapolis Athenaeum., and volunteers at the Best Buy Teen Tech Lab.

Her dream project is one she is working on now called Garden One, a creative tech project involving an edible garden. “I am inspired to create more empathy in fractured communities, fight for climate justice, and wellness for all people, especially the vulnerable members in our local and global community.”

View Paige’s art in our Virtual Art Gallery where it is also available for purchase.


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