Lake House Reflections: Combining Natural Elements to Create Custom Art

Posted in Accessories, Art, Feng Shui, Interior Design, Residential Design on August 8, 2018

“It was important to me that the art didn’t detract from the lake,” said Lake Minnetonka homeowner Jeannie. The project, led by Julie Ann Segal, involved infusing the refreshed space with art pieces that blended with the natural surroundings.

Julie Ann first worked with Jeannie to choose paint colors and build in Feng Shui design concepts to improve the flow of energy in her home. Then Jeannie asked Julie Ann to choose art pieces that would accent the rustic elements built in by the architects. Since Jeannie has a busy schedule, Julie Ann brought art pieces directly to her home so she could narrow down the choices to what she desired. Julie Ann also helped reframe some of the pieces already hanging in the home.

“This house feels complete. The art adds to the overall natural and rustic, yet inviting vision I had for my home,” Jeannie said.

Here are a few of the unique art pieces and decor Julie Ann brought into the space and their significance:







Since the lake view is an important part of the house, the mirror was angled to catch the reflection of the water. The art piece on the right is an original piece from Julie Ann’s collection.







Repeating elements is a nice way to pull a concept throughout your space. In the photo above, left, the art piece consists of wood slices mixed with stainless steel. In the photo above, right, the builder and the architect constructed logs right into the wall to capture more of the rustic feel.




Natural elements were important to the design, so stones were selected based on the Feng Shui Bagua, a tool you can use to lay over a blueprint of your space and learn how areas on the map correspond to areas of your life.  For example, both the white stone (quartz) and the table (blue agate) create positive energy that promotes healing.


This art piece is unique in that the artist uses gunpowder to create the images.




Jeannie’s favorite piece is significant for two reasons: she loves birch trees and the artist is a Toronto area native, just like Jeannie. Julie Ann introduced the artist’s work to Jeannie because the artist is well known for her birch tree paintings. Metro Interiors commissioned the artist to do a textured oil painting based on much larger dimensions to fit the space. This was the one art piece Jeannie wanted to stand out—she considers this a focal part of the house design.


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