Moving? Liven Up Your New Space With a Little Help

Posted in Art, Feng Shui, Home Design, Residential Design on March 26, 2019

When you move into a new space, it can take time to get it to feel like home. To make it feel like your space. But with a little repurposing, we can help speed that process along.

Richard Bachrach,  a recently retired furniture rep that I have worked with, bought a new condo and asked for my help—he wanted a professional to help place his art around his new space.

Richard is a talented photographer, and I love viewing his work (in fact, I had the opportunity to frame some of his beloved pieces). He travels all over the world taking photos. My favorite pieces of his are nature-inspired, which instill a zen-like feeling.

Using Feng Shui design principles, I enjoyed helping Richard place his art in his new home. There’s always a specific intention I use when placing art, which comes from getting to know my clients.

If you’re ever looking to move and want some design help, contact me for a consultation.


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Julie Ann


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