Simple Ways to Add New Life to a Room

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Simple Ways to Add New Life to a Room

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul to breathe new life into a room. One of my long-time clients, Janis Klecker, has been working with me to update her home—in stages. The most recent project was in the kitchen. Klecker used to have loud ceramic-tiled floors and a house full of kids. Now with almost all of her five children out of the house, she wanted to make some changes to the sound-proofing measures she took to keep the noise down in the kitchen.

First, I removed the colorful square panels used for sound control. Then I added new wallpaper with a nice texture that is easy to wipe clean. The new window coverings I installed complement the warm tones of the flooring and the walls. Yellow, orange, and red are great for the kitchen because they improve appetite. And the beautiful floral arrangement done by my floral designer, Becky, pulls the room together.

Klecker had a rave review about the work I did for her: “Metro Interiors is a great company. Julie Ann listened to my preferences and needs, and was able to transform a portion of my home.”

If you’re ever looking to partially remodel a room and want some design help, contact me for a consultation.

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