Shining Some Light on 2021

Posted in Commercial Design, Home Design, Interior Design, Lighting, Office Design on December 18, 2020

“To love beauty is to see light” – Victor Hugo

One way to shed some light on the new year is by looking at how we light our rooms. There are so many beautiful choices when it comes to lighting. And putting the right lighting in your rooms can really improve your space and your life!

Here are 3 main types of lighting for your home or office:
  1. General/Ambient Lighting refers to the background levels of light in a space, and may include a combination of artificial and natural light sources. Think of ceiling, recessed, or overhead fixtures.
  2. Task Lighting illuminates a particular area to help you accomplish tasks more efficiently. This includes reading lamps, pendants, and desk lamps.
  3. Accent Lighting is a subtle way to illuminate something to bring attention to it, such as a great piece of art. It’s also a way to liven up a space. Some examples are wall sconces, track lighting, LED strips, and color-changing lights.

One of the brands that I carry here at Metro Interiors is called LightArt. They offer so many unique options for all your lighting needs. Here are some of my favorites:

Coil Collection of Pendants

The Coil Collection features seven classic pendant shapes focused on distinct geometry and curvature with a matte finish, giving the fixtures a pottery-like quality. Coil pendants look and feel like crafted, hand-spun pottery with a smooth matte finish, yet they are made from 65%  upcycled waste material! The collection utilizes PVC-Free cords and TGIC free powder coat canopies and interior hubs, making these a sustainable choice. These lights are small in size, ideal for use over a counter, table, or bar, or clustered together to achieve a more impactful installation. 




The Blossom Pendant

The Blossom pendant is timeless in the simplicity of its design. This fixture is available in three styles, open, partially open, and closed, mimicking nature when grouped together. This design lends itself to numerous creative possibilities and uses, whether it’s a small cluster of blossoms over a seating area or dining room table, as a larger installation on a wall, or even completely covering a ceiling for a dramatic impact.





The Contour Collection

Contour collection reimagines Mid-Century design with a thoroughly modern look and feel.  This collection is the result of a creative challenge to the design team at LightArt. The concept was simple: to create a lighting fixture prototype in 30 minutes using paper, a lighting pendant, scissors, and glue. This challenge led to the development of the Bevel pendant and ultimately others in this collection as the concept evolved. Each pendant in this series offers a wonderfully subtle glow, showcasing the gorgeous diffusion properties of the resin material they are formed from.

I love how these lights are so artistic and creative. All of these options are LED, offering long life and high energy efficiency, and the lights are easy to clean. See anything you like? I’d love to be your “guiding light” and help you choose the best lighting for your home; all of these designs are available directly through me. Contact me for a lighting consultation.

Warmest Regards,

Julie Ann

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