Letting it Flow at the Art Gallery at Nokomis Square Cooperative

Posted in Art, Feng Shui, Interior Design, Residential Design on February 23, 2021

Original piece donated by artist Gigi Turker Fingerhut

In Feng Shui, water is associated with abundance, movement, cleansing, and the flow of emotions. This is probably why residents at the Nokomis Square Cooperative in Minneapolis are lapping up the latest water-themed art installation on the 6th floor of their building. “Until now, whenever my husband and I would walk into the hallway from our apartment we felt like we were living in an institution. That’s all changed. We love the art gallery,” said one resident.

Now in its 5th year, the Art Gallery has been a delightful project to lend my design skills to, and I get to be part of a great committee of caring individuals. The residents love how it brightens up their common space. And even though the pandemic put our project behind schedule by a few months, the installation was completed just before the end of 2020. Our planning committee consists of residents, too; some of them even donate their own art (see some of those pieces below). The gallery conjures up great memories of vacations and local retreats. One resident brings her grandchildren to the 7th floor to look at the movie posters that we installed in 2019.

This year the committee and I are planning the art pieces we will install on the 3rd floor; the theme will be world art. “There’s something for everyone’s taste in art,” said another resident. “What I might not like, someone else does.”

If you need help placing art in your home or business, contact me for a design consultation.

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Julie Ann

Old world masters: Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, and Homer

“Stone Arch Bridge” photo on metal by local artist Andy Tinkham

“Water Lilies” Original oil painting by artist Sylvia Rudolph (who happens to be a resident)

Photo on metal of Minnehaha Falls

This piece is displayed in the 6th-floor elevator lobby












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  1. Hi Julie Ann,
    Super congratulations on your 29th anniversary for Metro Interiors! This is a wonderful project. Let me know if you’d like me to submit images for next year’s exhibit.

    Hope you and your family are all well!

    1. Julie Ann Segal says:

      Thanks Marcie! I will do. I hope all is well down south! XO

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