Manifesting Your Dream Life—And Space—Through the Powerful Energy of Crystals

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The earth is so abundant with healing energy. Recently, I went on a vacation to Sedona, Arizona, where I found myself once again visiting one of the most beautiful landmarks in this country: Cathedral Rock, a natural sandstone butte and home to one of the energy vortexes found across Sedona. Several years ago, I visited this magical place and the energy helped grant me a true miracle surrounding some issues I was having in my life. During this visit, my intention was for stress to flow away and lighten my energy. Once again, mission accomplished!

Another interesting thing happened as I was strolling around Sedona. I came across a piece of pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, lying on the ground. Pyrite is a stone that attracts luck, wealth, and abundance, so I took it as a good sign and scooped it up.

This got me thinking of the stones and crystals that I use in my life (including the big piece of pyrite I keep on my desk at home). They are full of energy and healing capabilities. Many people find them to be a source of comfort. I have some as decorative pieces in my home and I carry some with me when I travel outside my home. I’ve even been known to keep some in my bra from time to time!

When I am working on designing for my clients, I often incorporate stones and crystals into their spaces. Larger pieces make a huge impact and look best when placed on a stand to raise them up and amplify their energy. I do this with intention, as each crystal has a specific purpose and energy. My go-to book on the guidance of crystals is called Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody. Let’s go over some of the crystals I personally use, their meanings, and some design tips.

White Calcite: Recently, I bought a large piece of this crystal as a housewarming gift for a client. She had been going through some tough times and needed a fresh start, so she built a villa home from scratch (I have been helping her with the design elements, such as furnishings and window treatments). When I was at the store searching for the gift, the salesperson just happened to have this crystal in her hand when I walked up to her. It was meant to be because one intention of white calcite is new beginnings. It also lowers blood pressure, raises consciousness, and stimulates peace, love, and protection.








Black Tourmaline: I carry this beauty in the car with me to prevent accidents with its protective properties. It also stops anger and bad vibes.








Amethyst: One of the most popular crystals, this purple stunner is great for easing tension and promoting calm. It is also perfect for helping people with addiction issues.








Rose Quartz: Ah, the crystal of love. Carry this one near your body (in your bra, perhaps?) to increase compassion and help with your love life, including loving yourself.








Clear Quartz: One of the most versatile, this crystal amplifies your intentions and the intentions of any crystals that are nearby. It removes negative energy, helping you clarify what you want in life; you will manifest in powerful ways with this one.








Selenite: This is another crystal that is perfect for dispelling negative energy in the mind and body. It is considered a cleansing crystal that creates a very high vibration in your space. It is in a wand-like form and sometimes, if I am not feeling well, I lay it on my body while resting and it calms me down.








Malachite: This bright green stone of transformation brings healing and positivity, so it’s great for wearing on the body. It is also used to establish abundance and avert apathy. You can also use it to protect against radiation pollution, so keep one near your TV and microwave.








Agate: There are many different types of agate, making them a popular choice for decorating a space. As you can see in the photo, I have a lovely piece of agate on my bookshelf in my office. It can balance positive and negative energies, boost self-confidence, and protect travelers.








These are just some of the crystals that can be used as powerful healing tools to help you manifest your dreams. If you’re unsure which stones are best for you, I can help!  It’s very important to consider where to place them in your space. I can match the crystals to Feng Shui design principals, which is my specialty. Contact me for a consultation. I will be getting a nice assortment of decorative crystals in the next few weeks, so if you are interested in seeing the shipment, let me know soon as the inventory will sell quickly!

Warmest Regards,

Julie Ann



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