Travel the World at the Nokomis Square Cooperative 3rd Floor Art Gallery

Posted in Art, Commercial Design, Residential Design on January 5, 2022

Image of Glass Installation by Dale Chihuly “Flori di Como” Artist-Matt Keiffer; Maureen Day (Head of the Decorative Enhancement Committee and Me

These days it may be a little challenging to travel the world, so these beautiful art pieces will help you see the globe from your computer. At the end of 2021, I finished helping with the latest art installation at the 3rd Floor Art Gallery at the Nokomis Square Cooperative senior living apartments in Minneapolis. The theme was “The World Through Art.”

I worked closely with the Design Enhancement Working Group committee and Maureen Day, the head of the committee. Day said that it was the most challenging art installation conceptually, but added that our perseverance paid off—she has received the most positive comments from residents about this installation compared to any other. “Julie Ann’s ability to be flexible in relation to our budgets, her patience, her laughter with (and at) us, her artistic guidance throughout hours of selection processes, has been, and continues to be, beyond invaluable,” she said about our partnership.

It was so fun to think about the different areas of the world as we placed these pieces. Each one was chosen with care. The great thing is that art doesn’t have to be expensive and original to enhance a space and make an impact on your life; many of these pieces are giclee prints, a process that uses a high-quality inkjet printer to reproduce a piece of art or a photograph. I love the photograph of the Hmong children; it’s so colorful and sweet. My other favorite is a piece made by my sister, Amy Gelfman, which depicts the joy that will spread across the world after Covid is over. She even wrote an accompanying poem which is framed next to the painting. Day said that this was also her favorite piece!

I would also like to mention that we lost one of our committee members this year, and he will be greatly missed. Jim Burnett was a very creative gardener who was a calming force that helped ground the group. Our next installation, “Flora and Fauna,” will feature a piece dedicated to Jim.

If you’re looking to make an impact with art at your residence or business, I can help – contact me for a consultation.

Warm regards,

Julie Ann

Inukshuk Structure *Emblem for 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada

“Inner Beauty” Masks from Caribbean, St. Martin

“Misaki” Artist-Keith Mallett

“Unity” Artist-Monica Stewart

“Sydney Flying Colors” Artist-Peter Graham

“The Starry Night” Artist-Vincent Van Gogh

“Sunset at Santorini” Greek Sea-Side Village

“Hmong Children Under Umbrella in the Monsoon (rainy) Season, Sapa, Vietnam

“Maisai Girls” Artist-Jim Zuckerman

“The Great Wall of China”

“Crowning a New Day” Artist-Amy Gelfman *Art and Poem to depict the end of COVID-19

“View of Bergen Norway” Artist-Vycheg Zhanina

Indigenous Art “Communication” Artist-Kurt Flett

Indigenous Art “Mickey Moose” Artist-John Balloue

Indigenous Art “Inspiration” Artist-Betty Albert

Hand Painted Cold Rolled Steel Wall Sculpture “People of the World”

“Sunset Over Stonehenge” Artist-Brian Jannsen

“Jerusalem Wailing Wall at Sunset”


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