Does Your Home Mesh With Your Lifestyle? Use House Numerology to Find Out

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What’s your number? Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. I have been into studying numerology for a long time, and it’s fascinating how much it can reveal. When it comes to your living space, your home address may lead to clues that will make your home feel more harmonious. Our homes have a personality and energies all their own, and it’s good to know if your lifestyle meshes well with these energies. Let’s dive into how to interpret your house number.

First, start by reducing your home address to a single-digit number. To do this, add together each number in your home address. For example, the address 1234 Charmed Avenue becomes 1+2+3+4=10. Since we need a single-digit, reduce this number further: 1+0=1. So, in this instance, the house number is 1.

If you live on a numeric street, such as 2007 4th Avenue, you can ignore the street number. Only reduce the house number: 2+0+0+7=9.

If you live in an apartment, only reduce the apartment/unit number, as it is most personal to you. For example, the address 4203 Delightful Boulevard Apartment 203 becomes 2+0+3=5.

If your house number or apartment has a letter combined with numbers, you can convert the letter into a number and add it to the other numbers in the address. Here is how the letters convert:

1 – A, J, S
2 – B, K, T
3 – C, L, U
4 – D, M, V
5 – E, N, W
6 – F, O, X
7 – G, P, Y
8 – H, Q, Z
9 – I, R

For example, the address 101A Enchanting Lane becomes 1+0+1+1=3. Also, it is possible to convert your street name into numbers, which gives you even further insight.

There are also master numbers to consider. These numbers should not be reduced if your house number is exactly 11, 22, or 33. If any of these three numbers are just a portion of your house number (such as 2311 or 2245) they can be reduced.

Now let’s find out what all this house numerology means:

Number 1:

This is the perfect house for people who are independent, or who are looking for a fresh start. There is a very positive vibration to this home, which is enhanced by the colors yellow, orange, and gold. Lots of fresh air and sunlight should occupy this space.

Number 2:

Anyone looking for romance, strong partnerships, and social gatherings will be happy in this home. It’s also a great number for promoting positive business partnerships. Cream, green, and white colors enhance the harmonious vibrations.

Number 3:

This number promotes creativity and is perfect for artists. It makes for a good home for entertaining lots of guests, which can also create an unstable environment and a scattered lifestyle. Mauve and lilac colors have a calming effect.

Number 4:

If you’re looking for structure and grounding, this is the perfect house number for you. This home is for ambitious and disciplined people. The earth energy in this home means you should plant a nice outdoor garden, or fill the inside with real plants and nature-inspired items. Blue and gray muted colors work best here.

Number 5:

This is the place with lots of positive energy, where parties are ongoing. People in this home tend to live life to the fullest, but they may not stay in one place for long. The decor is often changing and eclectic.

Number 6:

Family is the heart of this home, where kids and animals will thrive. It’s bursting with love and safety. Anyone who visits will feel the homey, cozy vibes.

Number 7:

Introverts will flourish in this home. The quietness and privacy allow for deep thinking, which is great for people like writers or professors. Ponds, fountains, and pools enhance this space.

Number 8:

Perfect for ambitious, money-seeking people, this home is all about wealth and drive. Moss green, cream, blues, and grays suit this home well. It’s not a home for those looking for tranquility. In fact, it can even become a money pit as the energy encourages constant upgrades and even hoarding.

Number 9:

This is a house that people are attracted to being within. The energies are full of compassion and giving, and will likely make you a better person. Spiritual and mental growth happens here.

Master Number 11:

If you’re looking to find your life’s purpose, this may be the house! It’s filled with spirituality, growth, and wisdom energies.

Master Number 22:

While similar in spirit to 11, this home also promotes self-improvement. It best serves people who like to get things done.

Master Number 33:

This home is perfect for bonding and promotes happy, healthy relationships. It is also a very spiritual home.

Hopefully, you have found that your home matches your personality and your lifestyle. Here’s a fun tip if you found that it’s a mismatch: you can add a number to the inside of your front door to create the number that best suits your life, which will help harmonize you and your space. There are countless ways to make a house a home, and perhaps numerology can help guide you. If you want to know more about creating a more balanced space, contact me for a consultation.

Warm regards,

Julie Ann

3 thoughts on “Does Your Home Mesh With Your Lifestyle? Use House Numerology to Find Out”

  1. Ellen says:

    Nice article, Julie Ann!

    1. Julie Ann Segal says:

      Thank you, Ellen!

  2. Kathy says:

    Well, Julie Ann, my number is 9, (432), and my apartment is
    full of spiritual books, and hopefully, compassionate
    energy. I do a lot of listening.
    It also has too much stuff, though….after seeing my sister’s
    minimalist space. She saves nothing!
    Congratulations on your book!

    Kathy Wallenta

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