Feng Shui Design Tip: How Art Can Enhance Your Space

Posted in Art, Color, Featured Artists, Feng Shui, Interior Design on August 30, 2022

What do you have on the walls of your home or office? I feel that art is the “soul of the room.” Art can make a big impact on your environment. Whatever you’re going for in your space, whatever “feel” you’re trying to achieve, it’s important that the art you have displayed is the right fit. From energizing, uplifting, or inspirational to calm, quietly expressive, or soothing, art has its place in making sure your space supports you. The art you have should reflect who you are, or who you would like to be. If it’s outdated or something you’ve outgrown, you should replace it with what has special meaning and purpose for you.

With Feng Shui, the placement of art can go one step further, and actually support our intentions – to create a sense of harmony, attract more wealth, support us in our careers, or enhance a relationship. Art is so important to Feng Shui design that I created a Virtual Art Gallery on my website, which promotes the work of many artists I have met over the years. Recently I added two new artists, Jimmy Wilson and Omaste Witkowski. Jimmy is a photographer who focuses on breathtaking landscape and nature images, like this photograph titled The Tetons:









In Feng Shui, mountains represent strength and support. Placing this behind your desk is very powerful—it will hold you up and have your back!

Omaste focuses on stunning handblown glass photography prints. Look at how the colors pop and meld so nicely together. Our lives are enriched by color, and having pieces like this in your home or office will bring so much joy. Omaste’s pieces are well priced at $500 per piece.






If you would like to purchase any of these pieces, they are for sale in our Virtual Art Gallery. Reach out directly if you are interested in an art piece, and I will confirm availability. And, if you are interested in art placement, contact me for a consultation.

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Julie Ann

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