Capturing Community Moments: A Photographic Journey at Nokomis Square Cooperative

Posted in Art, Commercial Design, Feng Shui, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Residential Design on February 6, 2024

In the heart of Nokomis Square Cooperative, art takes on a new form every year, transforming its hallways into a vibrant gallery. Having the honor of curating this space for the seventh consecutive year, I embarked on a unique project that celebrated the diverse talents within their community.

This year’s theme was photography, and the approach was distinctively community-driven. The Decorative Enhancement Working Group, the committee I collaborate with, decided to showcase the talents of their very own residents. We called upon photographers living in the building to submit their work, creating an eclectic collection that truly mirrors the essence of their community.


Navigating the world of pixels and prints, my role extended beyond the usual design process. From ensuring correct sizing for printing to framing each photograph with precision, I worked closely with the committee to bring their visions to life. The selection process was a testament to the richness of their community, with contributors like Paul Rogers, John Elverum, and Cathy tenBroeke, among others.


Harold Adams, a dedicated member of the committee, expressed, “It’s a pleasure to work with Julie Ann. She always listens to what we wanted and helped facilitate and finalize the project.” This collaboration has strengthened our long-standing relationship, adding another layer to the ongoing art project that graces our floors.

The photographic installation is a visual journey, boasting nearly 40 images capturing local subjects through both digital and film lenses. The North Hallway showcases the timeless beauty of Paul Rogers’ film work, while the South Hallway invites everyone to explore the diverse perspectives of our talented photographers.



This year’s installation is more than an artistic endeavor; it’s a celebration of community, talent, and the unique stories that unfold within the walls of Nokomis Square Cooperative. As we walk through these hallways, we not only witness captivating photographs but also the shared moments that define Nokomis Square Cooperative as a community.

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