How to Stage a Home for a Quick Sell

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Looking to sell your home? Staging your home is an important task that ensures a faster sale. At Metro Interiors, we like to make the home feel good for the potential buyer – they should be able to easily envision their own stuff inside the space.

Sadly, many people only de-clutter and fix up their home to sell it. Wouldn’t it be nicer to fix up your home for yourself to enjoy, while you are living there? That way, when it comes time to sell, the process is much less stressful because the renovations are already done.

Recently, Metro Interiors helped a long-time client get her house ready for sale. It was a smooth process because the homeowner performed regular renovations with Metro Interiors while she lived there. Once we were finished staging, the house sold over the asking price in just 4 days!

How did we do it? Here are some tips to ensure a great selling experience.


1) Neutralize the color palette. We painted the rooms in neutral tones to avoid any distractions. Color is a wonderful thing, but not when you are trying to allow for visualization.

2) Remove family photos and religious items.

3) Take out 1/3 of the of the furniture. It’s all about conceptualization.

4) Ensure the home is in good repair. Our client took meticulous care to update her home over the years. Metro Interiors helped her with many of the projects, such as bathroom remodels, refinishing kitchen cabinetry with a specialty finish, floor refinishing, furnishings, window treatments, and artwork selection.

5) Spread good energy throughout the home with Feng Shui concepts. Space clearing is a great way to purify a home and eliminate negative energy. Burning Palo Santo, a wood from the citrus family that emits sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon, is an excellent way to create good energy.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, we can help by creating an inviting space that allows for plenty of imagination for a potential home buyer. Contact us today for a consultation.




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