Mary’s Treasured Bathroom

“Ordinary to Extraordinary”


The client’s desire was a fancy bathroom for her daughter, which expressed her daughter’s personality and interests. The daughter (16) has sophisticated tastes, loves art and is an artist herself, taking life drawing courses. She enjoys French design and delights in beautiful materials. The client also wanted it to flow with the rest of the lower level suite, including the guest room and her daughter’s recently remodeled bedroom. These areas are decorated with grey tones, soft accent colors, wall textures, and feminine touches. Other objectives discussed were creating a more open and uplifting feel, using modern fixtures and adding storage.


To start the project, we opened up the space by taking out the door separating the two areas, and adding an archway over the doorway. This made it feel larger. The entire shower was redesigned with new tile, and a new bench and shelf. New grey porcelain floor tile was laid out with a half drop repeat pattern. The same tile in a smaller size is incorporated onto the shower wall in an angled pattern. Beautiful glass tile, used as a dominant accent in the vanity area, was also repeated in the shower ceiling and accented on the shower wall, tying together two separate spaces.

To bring in the daughter’s personality, we added original artwork she helped select, including two life drawings done by a well-known artist Gary Welton, specifically known for this genre. The designer handpicked the accent pieces for the vanity, while in Paris. We brightened and dressed it up by adding the shimmery crystal vanity fixture. Tiny crystals were added onto the wall over the faux finish (see counter- close up photo) and tastefully placed throughout, to pull the room together.

The daughter’s personality is also brought in through use of feng shui elements. Of the five elements each individual has in her personality, the daughter’s two dominant elements were strong water (inward, deep thinking energy) and metal (detail-oriented energy). Water is expressed in the space by the movement in the faux finish, the crystals, and the water features: fish in the artwork, the shell on top of the cabinet, the mermaid, coral and betta fish dolls. Metal is represented in the metal accents throughout and the white painted cabinets.

Featured Details

  • The exquisite counter top is made out of semi-precious quartz stones with a translucent quality. This helps to uplift the whole space.
  • Extra storage was added by building in a new vanity with more drawers and adding a corner cabinet where there was dead space before. The shaped detail on the bottom of the cabinet brought in a more feminine feature.
  • The dolls that float over the corner cabinet were commissioned to a local artist, highlighting the corner and balancing the space.