How to Efficiently Live in the Lap of Luxury

Posted in Accessories, Home Design, Interior Design, Lifestyle on June 29, 2021

“Luxury is a state of mind.” – L’Wren Scott

In the interior design world, the word luxury might conjure up images of oceanside living, sprawling mansions, private swimming pools, and marble-laden everything. And you would be right! If you have the budget, a fantasy home can become reality. Now, even if you don’t have the funds for all the bells and whistles, I can show you ways to add luxurious elements to your home that will make you feel like you are living in the lap of luxury no matter the size of your space. Spend more on some of the details; you don’t need a huge property to make it beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. Here are a few tips:

Use unique and plush fabrics and furniture in your home: The most important thing here is to make sure the space feels good to you. Mix and match different textures to add interest.






Don’t forget the smallest details: Think hardware, such as these stunning handles and knobs. Small changes can make a bigger impact than you may think.






Make sure your bedroom feels good: Unique prints, luscious pillows, high-quality bedding, and most importantly, a solid headboard. It’s important to feel grounded in your bed; a headboard provides protection and support for your body and mind.





Put a pillow on it: Pillows are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color and interest. Plus they add a coziness to the home and an invitation to relax.






Bring nature indoors: Biophilic Design is one concept I use to create “feel good” spaces. Based on the research of Biologist Edward Wilson, it connects people to nature in their interiors, which has a positive impact on their wellbeing. Add a water fountain, dramatic faux or real floral arrangements and plants, or natural wood elements.






Upgrade your countertops: This kitchen was upgraded to Cambria quartz countertops—aren’t they magnificent? This luxurious change will last a long time while still looking fabulous! You can also add a new backsplash or appliances to add more grandeur.






Indulge in fancy accessories: One of my clients is building a soaking tub room, complete with a dazzling chandelier. Another great place for a chandelier might be inside a walk-in closet. The right accessories can add so much to a single space in your home, creating a splendid sanctuary. Crystals and artwork are also perfect accessories that can add so much life to a room.






Create a stunning outdoor oasis: Find some cozy furniture complete with fabrics made for the outdoors, and add an outdoor rug and some pillows too. Surround the space with plants and flowers and you’ll have paradise right at home. Don’t forget the grill and pizza oven!

When you are deciding how to add some luxury to your home, the most important thing to ask yourself is this: What does luxury mean to me? Think about your favorite colors, textures, art, and plants. Then surround yourself in everything that makes you feel good. Before you know it, the life of luxury that you’ve been dreaming of will become reality.

If you’re looking for help when putting together your luxurious haven, Contact me for a consultation.

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Julie Ann


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